About Me

Hi, I'm Randy. I'm a freelance designer based in St. Louis, MO USA. I offer many different services to help you with your next online project and/or business ideas.

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Passionate about creating something new and always staying current with technologies and styles, I am always eager to work on something new.

Whether you need a logo, an online store, or business cards, I can help you with your ideas! I have a long list of skills and provide exceptional services to you and/or your business. 

I will add more to this page in the future, detailing everything I’ve worked on in the past, but for now, you can check out my Instagram to learn more about me. 

Please be patient as I am still working on my website. This is just a place holder until the design is completed! You can still look at a few of my projects, as well as contacting me by filling the form on this page!